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The "Wiki key" for editing this page is bingo





What's coworking then?


"Coworking is the social gathering of a group of people, who are still working independently, but who share values and who are are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with talented people in the same space" (from Wikipedia).


Word on the street is that there might be a coworking space (or two) in the offing for Birmingham. If someone needs to prove there's a demand for this sort of thing then it'd help to have a list of potential coworkers. So, if you're interested in Birmingham having a coworking space then add your name to the list below with a short indication of what you do.


And so the point of this wiki is...


Until there's a permanent space, there are plenty of cafés and other places that can be used for ad-hoc coworking sessions. Let's start just meeting up and see how it goes - we might learn some useful things about how a permenant space should work.


If you live in/around Birmingham, UK and feel the urge to work somewhere different or with some different people then you can use the table below to tell people where you'll be working and when. If you want to join in a planned session then just add your name in the 'attending' box, it's that simple. Don't forget to Twitter to let people know what you're doing.


What's a wiki?


It's a type of webpage that can be edited. Not used a wiki before? Don't worry, if you've used a word processor then you can use a wiki - just click the edit button, enter your details and the "secret" invite key bingo, add/amend the text you want to add/amend and then click 'save'. Yes, we know it's crap that it's not public, but stick with it...


Impromptu meetups via Twitter


If you're working somewhere in Birmingham for a while and would like to invite people to join you, writter a Twitter message containing the word "brumcoworking" and your (precise) location. Even more usefully, twitter it in advance to give people a bit more of a chance to get there.


If you're interested in reading these messages, subscribe to this RSS feed: http://tweetscan.com/rss.php?s=brumcoworking



Dates & places

Date Time Place Agenda Attending



Tell us where you'll be.






None listed. Want to do something? Suggest it here and see if anyone's interested. Community/charity projects with an online aspect are particularly welcome.


Existing commercial coworking spaces


eOffice: the alternative workplace, "just seconds from New Street Station and the Bullring". Contemporary serviced space with break-out lounge and wifi. Membership £99 to £399 pm.


Informal venues (please add suitable venues and rate the wi-fi, refreshments, toilets, accessibility and noise level)


These venues on an open Google map


Coffee Lounge, 10/11 Navigation Street, Birmingham B2 4BS

Vertu Bar, 25 Frederick Street, Birmingham B1 3HH - free, fast wifi. Tea costs £1.50/pot.

Rooty Frooty, Custard Factory, Digbeth Birmingham , Birmingham B9 4AA

Bohemia, 23 Oak Tree Lane, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6JE (0121 471 2713) - free wifi, good coffee, friendly staff, usually fairly quiet during the day. Note limited opening hours.

Kitchen Garden Cafe, 17 York Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham B14 7SA

Caffe Gusto, Mailbox - free wifi, excellent coffee and panini, fresh juice and huge all-day breakfasts.

Harvest Fields Centre, Harvest Fields Way, Sutton Coldfield B75 5TJ - Community venue, informal public areas, free wi-fi , refreshments, toilets, good parking and small to large room hire.


People interested in coworking


Si Hammond - Ex-AI researcher and entrepreneur wannabe.

Jonathan Melhuish (aka orangejon) - student of Artificial Intelligence who will be sticking around in Brum if somebody gives him a fun job

Stuart Parker - Photographer and fledgling blogger based in Sutton Coldfield.

Pete Lewis - Research student at Brum Uni, interested in building up Birmingham's contribution to / appreciation of free software.

Jonny White - Freelance web developer (Zimma) and woib founder

Dave Gurnell - developer for Birmingham based web development consultancy

Paul Bradshaw - blogger, senior lecturer in web and new media. Online Journalism Blog and JournalismEnterprise.com


Blog posts


Pete Ashton's 3rd Blogmeet roundup (with video from Dubber in which we mostly discuss co-working)

OrangeJon's musings about co-working (with comments from various interested parties)


Coworking Links


Coworking Community Blog

London Social Media Cafe


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